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Movie : Street Dance 2
Release Date : 30 March 2012
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Falk Hentschel ,Sofia Boutella ,George Sampson ,Stephanie Nguyen "Lil Steph" ,Niek Traa ,Elisabetta Di Carlo "Betty Style" ,Samuel Revell "BBoy Sambo" ,Kaito Masai "Kite" ,Ali Ramdani "Lilou" ,Ndedi Ma-Sellu "Dedson" ,Brice Larrieu ,Akai Osei ,Maykel Fonts ,Tom Conti ,Babbal Kumar ,Anwar Burton ,Flawless
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English
Posting : Dervira Beautiful Girl
Sinopsis  :
To beat the world's best dance crew at a dance-off in Paris, France, streetdancer Ash (Falk Hentschel) and new friend and manager, Eddie (George Sampson), gather the greatest streetdancers from around Europe, whilst hoping to add a Latin element courtesy of salsa dancer Eva (Sofia Boutella). After a rought start, the group all agree to incorperate this element and have fun adding Latin to street dance. whilst doing this Ash and Eva grow closser. Two days before the big dance off Ash rejects Eva on the dance floor when their up against The Surge ((Flawless))in a friendly dance off. the police come and break up the dance off and Eva runs away. Ash chases her but she doesn't want to know. the next day Ash goes to apologise to Eva but meets her Uncle ((Tom Conti)) who tells Ash to leave. Ash comes back to explain when he finds Eva's Uncle on the floor. He is rushed to the hospital where Eva meets him and Ash. When Eva's Uncle wakes up he tells Ash that he should go to the dance-off. Ash and his crew leave for the dance off and are frustrated to find the gates locked. Ash gets them in wearing popcorn sellers cloths. They battle Invinclible till the last dance where they need Eva. She appears and does the dance as planned. Ash and his crew finnish and are estatic to find the won. Invincibles Leader hands the trophy to Ash. As everyone celebrates Ash and Eva share a kiss.
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