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Recoil (2012 film)

Movie : Recoil 2012
Release Date : March 6, 2012
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Steve Austin ,Danny Trejo ,Serinda Swan ,Keith Jardine ,Lochlyn Munro ,Noel Gugliemi ,Adam Greydon Reid 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English
Trailer : Dervira Beautiful Girl 
Sinopsis  :
Ryan Varrett travels to the town Hope. First he comes across Dale James Burrows hunting in the woods. He tells Burrows to remember Mary Anne DaRosa before he dies, before tossing him down the cliff, killing him. In a flashback Varrett is ambushed by thugs in clown masks who kill his family. When he arrives at Hope he meets Kirby and buys a gun before going to the motel where he meets Darcy. He comes across Prospect who is pointing a gun at a stray dog, but is intercepted by Varrett. After being knocked to the ground Prospect is saved by Salgado and his men, who all walk away. Later Rex, Drayke's brother goes to the Motel and attacks Darcy, before Varrett comes and throws Rex against a wall, knocking him unconscious. Varrett then ties Rex to the bonnet of his car and sends the car hurtling into a building, killing Rex. Deputy Hedge and his father arrive at the scene. Drayke says it was no accident. Drayke then takes Kirby to the boat to find out what happened. Crab, a sergeant at arms puts a knife in Kirby's hand and closes it, injuring Kirby. Vans are eventually sent to deliver meth to Drayke. One brakes down on the highway and the driver calls for help. Varrett emerges from behind and frightens the driver away before opening the truck and identifying the contents. He then burns the truck. Drayke is informed and told that it was not the cops. Kirby eventually looks at Varrett's car, before Varrett arrives. Soon Crab arrives and engages in a fight with Varrett, before his fingers get broken. Crab leaves after being told to by Varrett. Later in the evening Drayke and his men apprehend Kirby again. The following day Kirby is killed and hung from a pick-up truck. Varrett and Darcy arrive at the scene and Darcy attempts to take Hedge's gun, but Varrett drives off. Varrett enters a bar and a fight ensues between Drayke's men. He subdues Crab and puts him in the boot of his car. He then stops outside Drayke's hideout, sets Crab on fire and drives off, leaving Crab to die. Drayke, enraged at Crab's death tells Prospect to kill everyone. Varrett later has a flashback again of his family's death, and at the cemetery where a detective assures him that those responsible for the killings will pay. Varrett, sat in his car enters a bar and kills several of Drayke's men. He then goes to the Motel to see Darcy. Three of Drayke's men arrive but Varrett and Darcy kill them. As they leave outside Varrett is knocked to the ground with a crowbar, while Prospect and the rest of Drayke's men take Darcy away. Varrett is later tied up at Drayke's office. Drayke admits that Rex is sick but he is family and that he should have watched over him. Darcy is then taken away. Drayke leaves and Prospect comes to deal with Varrett, hitting him while he is defenceless. Eventually Varrett breaks free of his ties and knocks Prospect to the ground. He stabs Prospect with a knife he was carrying before freeing Darcy and taking out the rest of Drayke's men. He finally comes across Drayke among a shipment of meth and guns. During the final battle Drayke and Varrett fight till Drayke is subdued. As Varrett walks away Drayke comes back, almost striking Varrett down with a machete but is shot dead by Hedge. Frank Sutton tells Varrett he understands that he only takes out bad guys, but is worried that eventually Darcy will get hurt. Varrett says goodbye to Darcy and drives off into the sunset.

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