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Movie : My Girl and I
Release Date : 23 December 2005
Genre : Box Office Korea
Cast : Song Hye-kyo ,Cha Tae-hyun ,Song Chang-eui ,Kim Hae-sook 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : korean
Posting : Dervira Beautiful Girl
Sinopsis  : Song Hye Kyo's debut movie "My Girl and I" is a heartwarming story about true love and happiness. The film starts in modern day Korea where we see Kim Su Ho (Cha Tae-hyun) return to his hometown after ten years to attend a reunion with his high school friends. He sadly strolls as he hears a female voice in his head calling out his name. The next scene shows us Su Ho's three friends celebrating and talking about Su Ho. They doubt that he'll attend their reunion because he apparently hasn't gotten over some girl. It is said that on that day of their reunion, it is the death anniversary of a girl named Su-eun. To everyone's surprise, Su Ho enters and warmly greets his friends. After celebrating, the four friends go to a lighthouse where Su Ho's friend shouts, "Bae Su-eun, my friend's brain is small but is filled with endless thoughts of you. Please let my friend go." Su Ho becomes emotional and starts to cry. The next scene is a flashback wherein a younger Su Ho is rescued from drowning by a pretty girl. Her beeper got lost in the process of rescuing him but she just walked away. Su Ho then wakes up and thinks that his friends had saved him from drowning. The next scene leads us to a music class. Su Ho and his classmates were asked to sing in chorus. He sang normally just like the other students but was distracted when his classmate, Bae Su-eun started staring at him. Su Ho suddenly became conscious and curious at the same time. After all, Su-eun is the prettiest girl in their high school, so why should she show interest in the ordinary-looking Su Ho? Su-eun notices the expression on Su Ho's face and quickly looks away. Su Ho's classmate and friend sits in front of him, sighs and says "What will I do? I have to concentrate on my studies." He told Su Ho that Su-eun always stares at him in class. Su Ho just shrugged for he thought that Su-eun may actually be interested in him but was not. Su Ho and Su-eun pass by each other in the hallway. They were about to walk past each other when they got into each other's way. They repeatedly tried several methods so that they could easily pass but it often resulted in Su Ho blocking Su-eun's way and vice versa. Finally, Su Ho held Su-eun's shoulders and passed by the small space to Su-eun's right. Su Ho was about to walk away when Su-eun called him. She asked him to buy her a croquette (bread stuffed with vegetables or meat) which naturally surprised Su Ho. He knew that if he and Su-eun ate together, other people might think that they're going out and it would be hard for both of them but especially for him because Su-eun had many suitors from all over the school. But in the end, Su Ho still bought two croquettes and when the other students noticed, they immediately assumed that the two were dating. Word spread fast and soon the captain of the Judo club who had his eyes set on Su-eun sought Su Ho. He threatened to beat Su Ho but Su Ho immediately said that he wasn't seeing Su-eun. By chance, Su-eun passed by and when the captain asked if she was seeing Su Ho, she quickly replied that they are indeed going out. The captain got really mad and threw Su Ho down the floor. Su Ho's friends arrived to rescue him and immediately they escaped. Su Ho and Su-eun stayed by the boardwalk where a lighthouse stood. The two spoke for a while wherein Su-eun hinted to Su Ho that she saved him but he was really really slow minded and he couldn't comprehend what she was trying to say. Su-eun asked him to get her a beeper for she lost hers because of him. Su Ho didn't understand and she got irritated and called him a dummy. Later, they watched the sun set together. Su Ho then walked Su-eun home and she wrote her beeper number on a piece of fruit for she was afraid that her parents and especially her strict and "scary" father would find out. Although her beeper was lost, she could still receive and leave messages on its system. That night, Su-eun and Su Ho confessed their feelings for each other. The next day, Su Ho was called out of class because his grandfather supposedly collapsed. He quickly went to his grandfather's home and found him alive and looked normal. Turns out, he just faked a stroke so that he could share the story of his first love to Su Ho. Again, by chance, Su-eun arrived bringing Su Ho's bag. Although reluctant at first, Su Ho's grandfather shared his story to a complete stranger. When he was young, Su Ho's grandfather joined the army and was assigned to a different region in Korea. He was separated from his first love, Soon-Im. He left her a necklace to remember him by. Years passed and soon he became an undertaker. Once, he was asked to prepare a funeral and as it turned out, the dead man was Soon-Im's husband. They couldn't even say a word to each other and soon he married another woman, Su Ho's grandmother. Su Ho then realizes that he loves Su-eun and he wishes for her to be his destiny so that they wouldn't suffer the same fate as his grandfather. Using a payphone, Su Ho left a message on Su-eun's beeper. In it he said that he wished she could be his destiny, completely unaware that she was behind him until she replied, "Me too." From that day on, Su Ho and Su-eun officially became a couple. Su Ho's friends proposed an outing—an overnight stay in Fog Island. As Su Ho and Su-eun arrived together at the pier, he finds out that his friends tricked him so that he and Su-eun would have some time alone. He made up lies to cover up but she was smart and knew that it was only the two of them alone. At first, Su-eun seemed mad but then she herself bought two tickets to Fog Island. At the island their love deepened even more. One night, they had their first kiss. Things were going so well until one day, Su-eun fainted and her body started to weaken. Su Ho rushed her to the hospital and tried to live his life normally. He visited her every day. What he thought was just simple anemia turned out to be leukemia. Su Eun was going to die even if the doctors try to operate on her. Her one last wish was to go back to Fog Island, where their love bloomed. Another woman also had a last wish before she died—Soon-Im. She wished to be reunited with her first love, Su Ho's grandfather. He even prepared her funeral and was reunited with his first love, the woman he had loved for 50 years. One day, when Su Ho visited the hospital, Su-eun expressed her last wish and before she could say anything else, he brought out two ferry tickets for Fog Island. On the day of their departure, a typhoon struck and all trips were cancelled. Su Ho desperately tried to convince the authorities to let them travel but to no avail. As he was arguing with the management, Su-eun felt even weaker and she knew it was already her time. She said her last words and wished for Su Ho in her mind. As he was apologizing to her about the storm, she collapsed into Su Ho and died. Ten years later, Su Ho returned to Fog Island and found Su-eun's bag in the lost and found section. Inside the bag was her diary which she updated every day. There was one entry that was written during their trip to Fog Island. It seems Su-Eun had planted seeds in the hill during their visit and promised herself that when those seeds became flowers, she'll come back with Su Ho to that island, year after year, after year. The hill covered with flowers will be her gift to him. Su Ho quickly went to the hill and was overjoyed to see it covered with purple flowers. He felt Bae Su-eun's presence around him as memories of his first and true love filled his heart.
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