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You're My Pet

Movie : You're My Pet / You Are My Pet
Release Date : November 10, 2011
Genre : Box Office Korea
Cast : Kim Ha-Neul as Ji Eun-Yi Jang Keun-Suk as Kang In-Ho Ryu Tae-Joon as Cha Woo-Sung Jung Yoo-Mi as Lee Young-Eun Choi Jong-Hoon as Ji Eun-Soo Kang Ha-Neul - Young-Soo Kang Hae-In - Kim Mi-Sung Ko Na-Eun - Kim Jin-Ah Lee Jin-Hee - Yoo Ah-Young Ahn Kil-Kang - chief editor
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : korean
Posting  Dervira Beautiful Girl 
Sinopsis  :
The story began in the office of Eun Yi seems to love relationship foundered again said that his friend is more fun than a pet lover. Ji Eun Yi is a fashion magazine editor Bazzar. Eun Yi may call from her father and mother, they would phone his father divorced when he was suffering from a divorce at this age Eun Yi just sighs as stress Eun Yi reprimand his subordinates for committing the same mistakes over and over again. Coworkers Eun Yeong Eun Yi is not too fond of it because he is different LN graduates? they were gossiping in the bathroom when Eun Yi was one of the toilet while eating ice cream, Eun Yi severe stress. While Kang In Ho, who was training women admired ballet dancers but they wonder why In Ho did not want to dance with a woman. A dancer told In Ho is not gay just never experienced trauma 2 years ago he never danced with a ballerina while in England and In Ho dropped her until now she can not dance anymore In Ho feel guilty to this day. Eun Yi attended a birthday party Min Ji Min, their average age was 30 ahun there were already married, her name Ah Young Yoo, Eun Yi headaches due to stress while Ji Min complained that her mother told her to leave the house for sure. But he also can not arbitrarily marry someone, he just wanted a sense of security Eun Yi has given what should be in a relationship she should be feeling calm her calm but his head hurt. Kim Jin Ah said that he was like a taxi cab waiting for him if we did not come-come then we went to leave suddenly stops and there are plenty of taxis that comes when we confuse a lot of other women who chose to scramble up the cab and finally we can not absolutely what. Eun Yi said would not give up this time she will find a man who does not feel inferior to himself, man is more intelligent and higher incomes are also more sudden the conversation turned to pets have pet easier than men. Eun Yi got the game about caring for dogs dalmatiannya pet but do not make people happy just added stress. Eun Yi want to care for a dog that actually unfortunately all the puppy how he would look weak if the dog accident? In Ho driven by a woman now he had no place to stay and could not stay in the studio, In Ho just wants a warm bed, a clean house, and food Ji Eun Soo, Friends In Ho had a great suggestion he knows the place like that. Eun Soo help him clean up the house Eun Soo Eun Yi surprised to hear what you call her brother commit a mistake? Eun Soo smiled error? Of course not. Eun Yi entered the bathroom and saw a man brushing his teeth with nungging position Eun Yi half asleep and thought that Eun Soo's younger brother, Eun Yi patted his butt and said that brushing your teeth do not like it. But he was not Eun Soo Kang In Ho, Eun Yi Eun Soo shock to rush to the bathroom to explain the problem but his brother ran away in shame. Eun Soo Eun Yi begged allow Kang In Ho lived in this apartment she could cook and clean the house Eun Yi Eun Soo obviously disagree even going to try to persuade their parents unite again. But actually Eun Soo had received money from Kang In Ho so she could stay at her sister's house. Kang In Ho was offered a show at LN but he is still considered in Ho melihata there are thugs disrupt two women at one of the cafe tables he took Eun Soo who happened to work at the cafe to help them but failed in Ho and Eun Soo it was chased dozens thugs. Eun Yi came home and found a blue cardboard box in front of his house, he was disoriented and kicking cardboard suddenly out of the hands of the cardboard Eun Yi screamed. Kang In Ho out he was hiding in a cardboard thugs seem to have pursued, In Eun Yi ho complained why new home now and then she fainted in the arms of Eun Yi. In the hands bandaged Eun Yi Ho, In Ho praise, Eun Yi apparently was a very gentle woman angry Eun Yi and In Ho encouraging. In Ho persuade Eun Yi so he could stay here in Ho saw photos of dogs Eun Yi and let's just say it as a pet. Eun Yi challenged if that In Ho is doing what pet pets even giving Eun Yi Ho to name names in her first pet Momo. Kang In Ho initially looked annoyed but he immediately knelt down and crawled over to Eun Yi put two hands in her lap Eun Yi and In Ho indulge comments about chest Eun Yi Eun YitTentu just go ballistic and drove in Ho. Yi Eun Kang In Ho tried to evict from her home and tried to survive both in Ho only stopped after a neighbor yelled annoyed. Eun Yi see In Ho who was curled up in the living room he smiled and pity. Eun Yi busy work and home that night feeling neglected Momo Momo requires employers to wash his hair because his hands are still too injury. In Ho story that she was a ballet dancer dear parents are not too supportive profession, In Ho turn around and wonder why Eun Yi wearing sunglasses when washing your hair, what are you afraid to see me? Eun Yi sneer afraid of what? nothing could be seen. In Ho just teasing Eun Yi and In Ho ready to take her clothes off her shorts and cool open dancing Eun Yi shock to see it. Eun Yi and her father to the vet now prefer to treat her dog's father, mother's father complained that Eun Yi drowned in his plays and did not even realize that I was different from the dog who always greet father every time he came home and wag his tail ibaskan Eun-Yi see the necklace and dress cute dog in the pet-shop. Eun Yi know for whom the gifts that Eun Yi also buy a lot of dog toys, Eun Yi wanted to see the extent to which In Ho resistant treated as such if it does not hold in Ho must be out of his house. Eun Yi and In Ho left the game fun puzzle itself In Ho took the comic and infiltrate in the lap of Eun Yi, he wanted to see the reaction of Eun Yi, Yi Eun was surprised but he ignored In Ho move more boldly and Eun Yi angry.Eun Yi: What are you doing? The pet you and me master. Eun Yi makes the rules in print on continuous paper form so long among the husband or boyfriend is not a pet should not interfere in private life. In Ho Yeong Soo sports together and talk about 'mistress' In Ho began confused exactly how their relationship. Eun Yi got a harsh reprimand from the chief editor, Eun Yi Chief wants to repeat his work again. Chief Eun Yi wants to know why women read their magazines and giving interviews on others tasks that he better value than Eun Yi. Eun Yi home and Eun Yi angry and forced her to wake Momo shampoo Eun Yi vent his anger at Momo Momo pity. In Ho sat in the park and talked to her employer why a dog like that and what he should do on the employer. In Ho have fun alone in the house when Eun Yi has not come home she danced around the room Eun Yi back and shake my head at In Ho. Eun Ho stroked in the face and took her dancing Eun Yi Yi is not directly used to dance and back pain. Eun Yi angry he compresses the spine and In Ho chastened. The next one is looking for Eun Yi, cool guy named Cha Woo Seong, Eun Yi called sunbae / senior friends work together Yi Eun, Lee Young Eun also seem interested in Seong Woo. Eun Yi direct vent on three of his first love how this love is not accomplished at once appear and work in the same office with him, encouraged him Yeoung Ah maybe he was deliberately looking for Eun Yi, Jin Ji Min ah skeptical and threatened beware do not get married before me. Eun Yi complained that in front of his first love, he was not able to be himself Momo regular days and suddenly employer may call from Eun Yi Seong Woo, Woo Seong Eun Yi invites date. Eun Yi appointments at the museum and he seemed nervous Eun Yi even have to devise want to talk about it. In Ho singing at rehearsal break at the studio of friends in Ho love it. Woo Seong Eun Yi and the roads looks awkward Woo Eun Yi Seong Eun Yi drove home not invite Eun Yi Seong Woo Woo Seong entry initiative to ask what you're not going to invite me to drink tea? then he followed the path in the Woo Eun Yi Seong Eun Yi will kiss. Momo does not like he walked into his room and make a fuss. Eun Yi was shocked and exclaimed Momo be quiet wonder Woo Seong Eun Yi has a dog? Momo fierce sounds make noise again and looked scared Woo Seong Eun Yi looks like a large dog said yes and asked Woo Seong home first. Eun Yi angry and beat Momo, Momo hit back and said that the full moon arrives then tame dog that could be a wolf and Momo being so wolves. Momo prove that he was angry and revolt Eun Yi Momo hair tie to bed Momo also open the toilet lid so Eun Yi fell. Momo accidentally spent Eun Yi ice cream when it bans pet should not eat ice cream even urinated on employer's property Momo favorite shoes Eun Yi, Eun Yi dizziness and co-workers give advice to make her feel happy pet. Eun Yi came home from work and put groceries on the table ready to cook Momo Yi Eun was starving he hugged me from behind Eun Yi Yi Eun'm hungry Momo lying with arms and legs like a dog's paw tickled his stomach when Eun Yi laughed. The next Eun Yi pact to play with Momo, Momo directs both the phone and take a photo. Momo eating cotton candy near the pool while still receiving phone Eun Yi Momo upset she grabbed the phone and threw it to Eun Yi Yi Eun an angry and chase Momo Momo until almost kecebur ponds and wet cotton candy both ended up laughing. Eun Yi and Momo start having fun at the amusement park. Tried everything that is in the playground Momo night sleeping on the couch and go to sleep at Eun Yi Momo woke up the other end and give the blanket to Eun Yi but changed his mind and took back the blanket because it was cold. Momo cold morning Eun Yi suddenly appeared at the office Eun Yi with famous brand cold medicine and food. Eun Yi stare straight away, smiling Momo office colleagues Eun Yi direct cool guy who's excited? Eun Yi said that she was his cousin. Lee Yeong Eun instantly recognize Kang In Ho is not he? so cousin Kang In Ho is you? Yeong Eun shows articles about Kang In Ho. Eun Yi found out that Kang In Ho famous ballet dancer suddenly stopped dancing ballet because of trauma. Ah Yeong play to the house and her daughter Eun Yi, In Ho out of the house, kissing cheeks Eun Yi, Ah Yeong said that he was the same age but Eun Yi In Ah Yeong Ho said that already 41 years old looks annoyed but Yeong Ah Ah Yeong's daughter immediately liked In Ho, mother, brother, it's just basic round ass. But ask Eun Yi Yeong Ah clearly see In Ho was not a pet she was a young child and do not let go of the opportunity to get a good man in front of Eun Yi too long confused with Momo status or Kang In Ho. Eun Yi headache pill Chief editor appears again with a soft drink he asked Eun Yi reporter assigned to suddenly calm could not complete the task so all must be done while the dateline Eun Yi Eun Yi 3 days left to answer yet considered the chief had agreed and winks! Inevitably Eun Yi overtime and sms to Momo that she can not go home Eun Yi surprised co-workers can indeed sms to a pet dog? Eun Yi said he sms in order to feed his dog. Momo looked at the cup and saw Eun Yi Yi Eun lipstick, lipstick she kissed it and complain anyway he was a young man. Kang In Ho gather together with genknya and vent. Yi Eun Lee Yeong Eun upset because not doing his part said Eun Yeong Eun Yi did not hear the request at that time Chief did not want to know who is at fault he only asked for the magazine ready for tomorrow morning. Eun Yi could not suppress his anger, he did not like Eun Yeong who like to talk about people behind it also does not like Eun Yeong-apur who always pretend not to hear the command, said the work of Eun Yeong Eun Yi Yi Eun weight would not know though tough to do because The task Yeong Eun. Eun Yeong Eun Yi rotating chair in exasperation. Eun Yi and his team has been working overtime the two friends fell asleep in the office Eun Yi is still sitting in front of computer Woo Seong Eun Yi came bringing food stand and almost fell from exhaustion but he did not want to assume it Seong Woo ostensibly weak (when Eun Yi is exhausted) Woo Seong Eun Yi looked worried and said this because her lipstick color. Lee Yeong Eun in and asked to be taken to the printing press was night and she was afraid to take a taxi alone, Woo Seong inevitably take Yeong Eun, Eun Yi looked annoyed. The night wore on and Eun Yi is still in his office phone and turns Seong Woo Woo Seong Lee Yeong Eun still with something to talk about by Yeong Eun, Eun Yi finally hung up and sighed. Eun Yi Momo still sleeping and tried to wake her employer, Eun Yi also did not participate Momo finally curled up near Eun Yi. Eun Yi Seong Woo Cha nightmare move to another heart he chose Yeong Eun, because Yeong Eun would pretend weak and spoiled woman who takes the time felt tired Woo Seong Eun Yi is not as strong snobs. Even Momo also betrayed his new employer and also chose a new name for the old employer recently named Edward not ignore it now Momo especially his new employer younger, more beautiful and big breasts she Eun Yi frantically screaming calling Momo, Momo do not go! Eun Yi woke up because he was more shocked shocked again when she saw In Ho woke up beside her. Eun Yi: how could you do this? in and out of my room to relax? In Ho dub-dub eye why? I do not do anything just to feel your breasts, Eun Yi furious and beat In Ho, In Ho protests like this where there is an employer who likes to beat up his pet. Momo'm invited to play by the employer he reached frisbee throwing and asked Eun Yi Yi Eun sighed and frisbee throwing it away. Momo ran after frisbee but preceded by a real dog Rin Tin Tin was immediately jump and catch the frisbee Momo with alacrity. Momo fight frisbee with the dog makes Eun Yi despair. Eun Yi confused choose clothes in his office will conduct a business trip 2 days 1 night Eun Yi did not want to look too far ahead Woo Seong, Momo insinuating what you're preparing a wedding night trip? Eun Yi immediately clean clothes and told them about his business trip Eun Yi saw Momo foot bandaged leg why? In Ho said he was injured during training worrying Eun Yi and In Ho Ho said should be in the hospital. In Ho said he would leave if the employer can not take her Eun Yi due tomorrow have to go in Ho street without speaking. Eun Yi had to call the hotel and In Ho Ho but not lifting his night in a party office business Seong Woo mingle with some colleagues. Yeong Eun Seong Woo approached him to ask permission to go for a while. Woo Seong Eun Yi approached the road is still busy phone and make Lee Yeong Eun Seong Woo jealous wonder what the problem busy making Eun Yi Eun Yi said she is trying to feed his phone Momo but not removed Woo Seong telpnya calm her not eating at all is not well anything besides tomorrow morning Eun Yi going home. Yi Eun Seong Woo invite to her room and they drank wine together Eun Yi still think Momo Momo faces even imagined in wineglass Seong Woo said he could not forget Yi Eun and Eun Yi to get serious. Woo Seong want to always be with Eun Yi Seong Woo issued whenever a diamond ring and proposes to Eun Yi. Both are making out but mind wanders Eun Yi Yi Eun Momo imagine crossing the road and was hit by a car alone allegations that attacked Eun Yi has been ignoring his pet because swayed by love. Eun Yi immediately disengage and go he must feed Momo, Woo Seong just heaved breath and drink wine alone. Eun Yi home he worried about Momo, Momo Eun Yi looking in all directions home and finally he entered the bathroom. Momo was enjoying a bubble bath while listening to music through headphones wonder he did not hear the phone Eun Yi, Yi Eun open headphones Momo, Momo actually surprised you were not there on a business trip? you're home? Woo Seong complained he was not worth more than a pet dog Yeong Eun suddenly sitting nearby ready to confide in a friend. Eun Yi drinking soju alone he complained why his life complicated once he proposed to her and she should be happy. Eun Yi home and see Momo as Momo let's get real dog sleep on my side vent Eun Yi's how you really are my friends what I should get married? he is really the person I like Eun Yi sighs elderly living alone if you'll be lonely. Momo answer will continue to exist in the Eun Yi, Eun Yi suddenly aware and see In Ho, he shouted and pushed Ho In the fall you actually what? baffles me why? In Ho: in the end I would be hurt. In Ho stands and will be close to Eun Yi, Eun Yi fell because of panic. In the above fingering facial Ho Eun Yi therapy may be able to sleep a la Kang In Ho, Eun Yi and In Ho grabbed said he does nothing in Ho Eun Yi holding hands tightly and hold it in pillow In Ho bowed to kiss Eun yi. Eun Yi panicked and fled, carrying the blanket they could not sleep all night. Woo Seong Eun Yi met in the office and apologized for the incident at that time Woo Seong pretend angry but he smiled and said he understood. Woo Seong issued necklace gift box contents for Momo, Woo Seong want to play for home Eun Yi and acquainted with Momo. Eun Yi shock he ran away Woo Seong just smiled and walked away. Eun Yi busy to clean house once he panicked In Ho playing guitar near Eun Yi for menggangguunya. In Ho stroking dog Eun Yi's father borrowed to act as Momo, In Ho said Eun Yi stupid to have to borrow that dog Eun Yi agreed sunbae wanted to see Momo and Eun Yi panic because the time is approaching arrival Woo Seong, Eun Yi rush In rush expel Ho Woo Seong not to be seen. In late time out Woo Seong Ho will be ringing the bell three met in front of Eun Yi said that In Ho is a younger cousin who requested taught English, Eun Yi immediately evict In Ho. Woo Seong met 'Momo' and he liked the dog but the dog just pee and wet clothes Woo Seong, Eun Yi lent t-shirts for Seong Woo, Woo Seong Eun Yi interesting and wanted to kiss her again. In Ho appeared brother there who want to ask what can you translate this? In Ho's looked really jealous. Woo Seong surprised and almost losing his balance and dropping Momo stepped toy ring to Eun Yi, In Ho took the box and watched her ring in Ho Seong Woo invite to play the game. In this way Woo Seong Ho challenging game play ping pong and boxing games. Until finally both competed run Eun Yi translate documents while shaking my head at both inclusive and Woo Seong Ho exhaustion and fell to the floor. Yi Eun friends they come stunned to see two men in the house cool Eun Yi, Yeong Ah daughter hugged In Ho, brother, I love you. Later that night in Ho asks if Eun Yi Yi Eun married what would take too Eun Yi upset what can not you think? In Ho doubt what he had to go abroad, a professional dancer Eun Soo said it wants to see in Ho and this is a great opportunity Eun Soo asked what it was because she said she was in Ho poison what I had to get out of the house? Eun Yi shopping for daily needs and he got an offer from eating Woo Seong Eun Yi surprisingly he refused to lie and say there is still a lot of work in the office since. In Ho and other dancers practice hard but the director is still not satisfied and angry they continued to dance over and over again. Eun Yi and In Ho cook for waiting until the evening to go home and not come home in Ho. Eun Yi began confused he worried lest Momo Momo hit by a car or tumbling to the bottom of the mountain? Ah Jin calmly said maybe he had a personal relationship sorry he was a healthy man. You will be worried if he did not come home 2 or 3 days Jin Ah proposes looking at Momo Momo commonly visited places. Eun Yi find Momo sleeping in a dance studio, Eun Yi accidentally stepped on the hands Momo Eun Yi ugh here wonder why Momo Momo said he was staying in the studio because they have not been good practice Momo wonder what Eun Yi worried. Momo crawl and hug her waist Eun Yi, Eun Yi meal he asked what why so distended stomach Eun Yi go ballistic again. Momo and Momo way home Eun Yi wants Eun allowed to sleep beside Yi, both shocked at the sight of a guest house in front of Eun Yi. Lee Eun yeong comes with a document he bring it to Eun Yeong Eun Yi then went Momo know now that it is human. Cha Seong Woo will be away for 3 years he would like to ask Yi Eun, Eun Yi said he would definitely be able to find a job in a new place or not working well it's okay Woo Seong Eun Yi'm not nervous in front of it and show it all. Jin Ah feel the words Woo Seong mouth just at the moment it can not show all of what it is in men, men would want a woman reaches a certain standard if he knew that Eun Yi are lazy all will run. Eun Yi will be dating again with Woo Seong, she chose a cute outfit and say going through it until the end. Momo upset and angry he throws darts at one destination. Photo Cha Seong Woo certain as hateful. Woo Seong ready to go meet Yi Eun, Lee Eun Yeong held him there he had to say on Woo Seong, he only needs 5 minutes. Momo saw Eun Yi phone up and filled with calls from Cha Woo Seong, Eun Yi Momo and thought this phone number Seong Woo. Momo wonder Eun Yi? You call people without knowing the number? The person still has not come? Momo bicycle ride looking straight through the Color Park Eun Yi and Eun Yi found in front of the theater confused Woo Seong Eun Yi is yet to come and everything will be like this as a date-date when he first went, they would accuse him of being a woman who is not impatient and less tolerance. Eun Yi: but the phone number I can not remember him the way I like it but I can not remember the number. In Ho sighed and looked annoyed at Eun Yi, In Ho calmly invites Eun Yi Eun Yi did not want to go home she did not want to cry at home in Ho willing to be anything they want Eun Yi. Eun Yi: Did not you always like that? In Ho: what now you fall in love with me? In Ho interesting Eun Yi to the streets. Both were drinking champagne by the pool in Ho said he had read that the man and woman relationship is like a dance that is danced carefully making lovely gesture but if I'm not careful I could make a wrong move I was so afraid of this since I was young do not you think? Eun Yi Grabs In Ho, you did it because you're young does not take care In the streets of Ho look orchestra he immediately stood up and took Eun Yi dance. Eun Yi initially embarrassed. But eventually they dance like crazy. In Ho had to drag home Eun Yi Eun Yi could not stand up straight because of drunk Eun Yi is still affected by alcohol says will obey all desire In Ho because he was happy. In Ho said if you can call my name then I would probably do something calling my name Eun Yi laugh ah you are Momo, Momo, Momo, In Ho laughs not, not that he was coming toward Eun Yi, In Ho felt someone come in and he was stunned. Cha Seong Woo go and see them in a disadvantageous position indeed. Cha Seong Woo certainly can not understand this child so long as you love dogs so it was him? This is clearly not possible Woo Seong away angrily. In the next search Woo Seong Ho Woo Seong office has almost lost patience and will hit in Ho but canceled it saying that Eun Yi took pity In Ho Ho angry uncle In your words that last one does not make me happy in Ho Seong Woo hit more first. In Ho Woo Seong and eventually fight in the office Eun Yi colleagues saw them and immediately ran to call Mi Sung Eun Yi. Eun Yi appeared he was surprised to see them stop suddenly Eun Yi mobile boss heard the sound of the commotion and asks Eun Yi responsibilities boss does not want to know. Eun Yi left the two men without speaking in Ho Eun Yi follow up on the subway Eun Yi upset to what extent are you going to follow? In Ho worried Eun Yi and Eun Yi said that this has absolutely nothing to do with you. In Ho felt Eun Yi cruel someone like me on a pet who is treated cruelly in Ho wants to know what he means to Eun Yi, Eun Yi angrily why it could be like this? release me. In Ho: I will not die even if you do not take care of me. Eun Yi: Then go it would be better if you go why do people always want me to feel guilty. Eun Yi turned in Ho pulled and forced kissed Eun Yi, Eun Yi angrily pushing In Ho In Ho went for some time in Ho did not go home and Eun Yi long missed in Ho also. In Ho sent a video call all my friends went to see Yi Eun. In Ho said that happens when it is the other side of it. He begged Eun Yi accept again if he returns to Momo because he liked Eun Yi and will go this time next week I hope you can come to the show and In Ho sneezing he recorded under the spray of water from the hose not the rain just for dramatic effect only. Eun Yi finally returns the ring of Seong Woo, Woo Sung understand there had been other people in the heart Eun Yi, Eun Yi never even reprimanded Woo Seong when he fights with In Ho, Woo Seong heartbreak and go play the game beat crocodile. All came to watch the show in Ho, Eun Yi has prepared a bouquet of flowers to In Ho. Performances begin tokonh female lead and the dancers have entered the stage and give the code to Kang In Ho. In Ho looked tense and he road toward the heroine and Location suddenly changed In Ho is in a beautiful park ready to get married with her lover. Eun Yi delusional. He suddenly turned into the main character and in the story. In Ho and danced together. Show a huge success all players saluted. Standing Ovation him up and down the stage. Eun Yi wants to give flowers to In Ho but inferior to the fans in Ho who started numerous Eun Yi go quietly when In Ho so wait Eun Yi. Room In Ho began emptied little by little in Ho went Eun Yi began to lose In Ho, he found the necklace in the sink and missed Momo In Ho, Eun Yi remembering all the good times together in Ho. Kim Jin Ah he could not bear to see Eun Yi has been a few days I did not see you, you're not okay? You do not even reply to smsku men went today, right? you do not go? Eun Yi are confused about what to talk to In Ho thank you, sorry, unfortunately and sadly I do not know what to say. Jin Ah: just say it like it is also the basic problem is not stupid. Eun Yi unconscious and rushed. One month later Eun Yi work as usual even though it is difficult once it opened my eyes without Momo, Eun Soo now who should clean the house Eun Yi will interview artists and celebrate the publication of their monthly magazines every day waiting and hoping. Eun Yi must stop the taxi he was fighting with a boy turned man Kang In Ho. Eun Yi immediately opened the taxi door and grabbed clothes In Ho, In Ho confused what's going on? Eun Yi angry what happened? you disappear and appear and how fast your plane fly? mean time at the airport did not meet in Yi Eun Ho. In Ho actually surprised you to the airport? then with a satisfied face asking: why? Eun Yi: why? why? a .. I am an employer and you pet I still do not intend to throw. In Ho grin he knew it was just an excuse. Eun Yi: is not the principle of pets in this world is fixed on the side of his master? so then why are you here? In Ho said he was just going to go home and come back again one month there are people who should he meet and places to go in Ho actually been home yesterday and will contact Eun Yi. Eun Yi angry you get home yesterday and will be contacted? Eun Yi beating and chasing In Ho. Both were standing on the bridge enjoying the twilight sky. Kang In Ho kissed Eun Yi Eun Yi's turn now so pet named Nicole, Kang In Ho gave him a meal but the food is not good protest Nicole Nicole wanted a shower, In Ho offered to help Nicole get angry do you want to build the cemetery tomorrow morning? In Ho still follow Nicole. In Ho took Nicole a walk after eating and throwing food and ask Nicole finally caught them sitting under a tree reading

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