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Movie : Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Release Date : October 21, 1988
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Donald Pleasence ,Ellie Cornell ,Danielle Harris ,George P. Wilbur ,Michael Pataki ,Beau Starr ,Sasha Jenson ,Kathleen Kinmont ,Gene Ross ,Carmen Filpi - Rev,Raymond O'Connor ,Jeff Olson[disambiguation needed] ,Karen Alston
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English
Posting : Dervira Beautiful Girl
Sinopsis  :
Michael Myers, who survived the explosion at the end of Halloween II and has been in a coma since, escapes while being transferred via ambulance between sanitariums, killing the driver and paramedics. Prior to escaping, Michael overhears the Smith's Grove attendants that his only surviving relative is his niece Jamie Lloyd, the daughter of his sister Laurie Strode who he tracked down and tried to kill a decade earlier. He returns to Haddonfield to try and kill her. Dr. Samuel Loomis, Michael's old psychiatrist, who also survived the explosion 10 years earlier, learns of Michael's escape and resumes his pursuit to try to stop his murderous patient. He follows Michael to a small gas station and eatery, where Loomis learns Michael has killed a mechanic for his clothes, along with a clerk. Michael then escapes in a tow truck and causes a small explosion, destroying Loomis's car in the process and downing some telephone lines so Loomis is unable to call Haddonfield again to warn them about Michael's escape and upcoming return. Loomis is then forced to hitchhike to Haddonfield.
Meanwhile, in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, 8-year old Jamie Lloyd is living with her foster family, the Carruthers, who happened to be close friends of Laurie's. It is Halloween and Jamie's foster parents, Richard and Darlene, are heading out for the night and foster sister Rachel is forced to babysit - causing her to miss her date with her boyfriend Brady. Jamie knows about her uncle, Michael Myers, but is unaware he is the strange man she has been having nightmares about. After school, Rachel and a now-teenaged Lindsey takes Jamie to buy ice cream and a Halloween costume. Michael has already arrived to Haddonfield, and almost attacks Jamie in the drug store. That night, Rachel and Jamie go trick-or-treating and Michael goes to the electrical substation and murders a worker by throwing him into live high voltage parts, plunging the town into darkness. Dr. Loomis arrives in town and joins forces with Haddonfield's Sheriff Meeker. Michael single-handedly takes down a police station and slaughters the police force; later, a group of men form a lynch mob to hunt down Myers.
Rachel discovers her boyfriend Brady cheating on her with the Sheriff's daughter, Kelly, and loses Jamie. After being chased by Myers, Rachel meets up with Jamie and both are found by the Sheriff and Dr. Loomis who warns them about Michael. They take Rachel and Jamie to Sheriff Meeker's house with Kelly and Brady, and a deputy. They lock and board up the house, and Loomis departs to look for Michael. With Meeker in the basement awaiting the arrival of the state police, Michael enters the house quietly and undetected and begins to murder everyone. He kills a deputy off-screen, and then murders Kelly by impaling her with a shotgun. Rachel discovers the carnage, and races upstairs to get Jamie, but she is gone. Brady and Rachel realize they are trapped in the house, and Rachel finds Jamie. Michael appears and struggles with Brady, before crushing his skull in and killing him. Michael then chases Rachel and Jamie up to the attic. They climb through a window onto the roof and Jamie is lowered down safely, but Michael attacks Rachel and knocks her off the roof. Jamie has little time to mourn, because Michael begins pursuing her. She runs down the street, screaming for help and runs into Dr. Loomis; they take shelter in the school. Michael appears and throws Loomis through a glass door. Michael then chases Jamie through the school, and running in a panic, she trips and falls down a flight of stairs. Michael is just about to kill his helpless niece, when Rachel appears, alive, and sprays Michael in the face with a fire extinguisher.
The lynch mob and the state police arrive at the school after hearing the alarm and four men from the mob agree to take Jamie and Rachel over to the next town in a pick-up truck. Michael has hidden on the underside of the truck; he climbs into the bed of the truck and kills the men, including the driver. Rachel is forced to drive, continuously attempting to throw the killer off. She succeeds in doing so with saying "Die, You Son Of A Bitch!", and finally rams him with the truck, sending him flying into a ditch near an abandoned mine. The police arrive and as Jamie approaches Michael and touches his hand, he rises. The police shoot Michael until he falls down the abandoned mine and is presumed dead.
Jamie and Rachel are taken home and Darlene and Richard - who have arrived home - console their traumatized children. Darlene goes upstairs to run Jamie a bath, and Jamie dons a clown mask and stabs her foster mother with a pair of scissors (much like young Michael Myers). The film ends with Jamie standing at the top of the stairs with the scissors in her hand, covered in blood, with Dr. Loomis screaming as Richard, Rachel and Sheriff Meeker stare in horror.

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