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Saints and Soldiers

Movie : Saints and Soldiers
Release Date : 2003
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Corbin Allred,Alexander Niver,Kirby Heyborne,Lawrence Bagby,Peter Holden 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English (muxed : you can turn em off)
Trailer  Dervira Beautiful Girl 
Sinopsis  : The film begins with the Malmedy massacre and the escape of American soldiers from their German captors. During the escape, Deacon (Corbin Allred) manages to disarm a German soldier but does not shoot him - even at the insistence of medic Gould (Alexander Polinsky). Gould and Deacon are joined by two other survivors, Kendrick (Larry Bagby) and Gunderson (Peter Asle Holden). Gunderson explains it would be better to hide out until the Allies retake the area and the four hide out in an abandoned building. When a German patrol comes along, the soldiers hide under the floor. While there Deacon loosely translates a German message about a downed plane in the area. Leaving after the Germans, the Americans find British pilot Flight Sergeant Oberon Winley (Kirby Heyborne). Winley explains he has important intelligence he has to get back to the Allies and the group decide to try and reach the Allied lines some 20 miles away. While on point, Deacon has a hallucination and breaks down. Gunderson explains that Deacon had inadvertently killed two women and six children recently. Gould begins to criticize Deacon for not shooting the German and for being religious. Deacon offers him his Bible which Gould refuses. Deacon says that Gould is asking too many questions for someone who is not interested in faith. Shortly afterwards, Kendrick falls through the roof of an old building that had been covered by the snow. Looking for shelter, Gunderson enters a house and finds a woman and girl who speak French, Catherine and Sophie Theary. A coming snow storm causes Gunderson to surmise that the Germans will be pinned down and immobilized. He suggests staying the night but Winley insists that he must get the information to the Allied troops and leaves during the storm. The others are sure he will die in the cold. Catherine brings some bread to the soldiers. While with the soldiers, two Germans arrive and Catherine talks to them. One German starts scouting the building while the other attempts to rape Catherine. She yells and Deacon kills one German as the other runs into the woods. Winley returns with this German as his prisoner. Deacon recognizes the German as Rudolph, an acquaintance from his time serving a mission in Berlin. In the morning, Deacon has let Rudolph go, after Rudolf had told him where the Germans lines were and how to get through them. With captured weapons they set out but soon encounter a small group of German soldiers. Gunderson is fatally shot by a sniper, whom Deacon then kills. More Germans attack and Winley is hit in the leg. During the firefight the Allied group is split in two. While carrying Winley, Kendrick is shot in the stomach and dies. Winley kills the German and, trying to hobble away, falls into a river. Deacon and Gould find him. While they care for Winley, Rudolph finds them and tells them where there is a jeep, and goes off in the direction of the pursuing Germans. The three remaining Allied soldiers, now dressed as German soldiers, get in the jeep and head toward the German lines. They manage to talk their way past a German guard (as Deacon speaks fluent German) but when they veer towards the American lines the Germans open fire. Speeding toward the safety of the American lines (where observers work out they are Allied soldiers) the jeep is overturned by mortar fire. Deacon gives covering fire as Gould and Winley head for safety. Deacon is killed by a sniper but the other two make it through and the important intelligence is passed on to headquarters. As Gould sees Deacon's body being carried away, he takes out Deacon's Bible, places the photo of Deacon's wife into Deacon's hands and keeps the book, which Deacon had offered to him earlier. Gould encounters a now captured Rudolph, nods to him, and then helps an injured German soldier whom he recognizes from the massacre at the start of the film.
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Description: Saints and Soldiers Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: Unknown - ItemReviewed: Saints and Soldiers
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