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A Dangerous Man

Movie : A Dangerous Man
Release Date : December 28, 2009
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Steven Seagal ,Mike Dopud ,Byron Mann ,Jesse Hutch ,Marlaina Mah ,Vitaly Kravchenko ,Byron Lawson ,Jerry Wasserman ,Vincent Cheng ,Aidan Dee 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English (muxed : you can turn em off)
Trailer : Dervira Beautiful Girl
Sinopsis  :
In Arizona, ex-Special Forces soldier Shane Daniels (Steven Seagal) saves his wife, Holly (Aidan Dee), from a car jacking and chases the mugger (Clay Virtue) away. The mugger later ends up dead, and Shane is the sole suspect. After being locked up for 6 years, Shane is released from jail due to new DNA evidence found which clear his name. Shane is released with an apology from the State of Arizona and a $300,000 settlement, but feels that it doesn’t make up for his wasted life and the loss of his wife, who has left him, which leaves him bitter.
Off the coast of Seattle, Washington, a ship full of smuggled Chinese people is arriving. After it arrives, an old Chinese man is taken to a safehouse. Back in Arizona, within hours of being released to the streets, Shane stops at a liquor store and buys a bottle of bourbon. Back outside, Shane finds himself the intended victim of a street robbery, he beats up his two attackers and steals their car. Leaving the city, Shane takes to the road and stops at a rest stop along a lonely stretch of highway. There, he witnesses a state trooper pulling over a car containing two Chinese nationals. The Chinese nationals kill the state trooper and try to kill a couple of witnesses, a young man named Sergey (Jesse Hutch) and his friend Markov (Robin Nielsen). Shane is forced to intervene, kills one of the attackers and sends the other one, Mao (Byron Lawson), running off into the desert, but Markov gets killed by one of the Chinese men. When Shane checks on the dead cop, he hears noise coming from the trunk of the Chinese national’s car. Inside, he finds an unconscious woman and a duffel bag full of cash. Fearing that the cops will implicate him in the death of the trooper and knowing that the Chinese national will return with back-up, Shane takes the girl, the cash, and Sergey into the nearest small town, which is called Bellingham. Sergey admits that his father, Vlad (Vitaly Kravchenko), sells stolen cars.
The now conscious woman, Tia (Marlaina Mah), begs Shane and Sergey not to turn her over to the cops or the Chinese. Tia tells Shane and Sergey that the cops in Bellingham killed her friends when she was kidnapped. On the next morning, Shane has Sergey drop him and Tia off at a motel. In a motel room, Tia explains to Shane that she was trying to get her uncle Kuan (Vincent Cheng) into the USA. She was contacted by someone who said they could help. She was told to show up alone at an abandoned mill in a remote place about 50 miles away from Bellingham, but she insisted on bringing some of her friends since it was the first time she and her contact were meeting. The man she met is a Chinese drug smuggler named Chen (Terry Chen) who told her he would help smuggle Kuan into the USA. However, Chen had her friends shot by Bellingham cops and she was then forced into a room where another man was waiting. The man, known as the Colonel (Byron Mann), said he was waiting for Kuan's arrival, and that Tia was going to be held for ransom until the man got the information he needed from Kuan.
Sgt. Ritchie (Jerry Wasserman) and his henchman Clark (Mike Dopud), the two Bellingham cops who are working for Chen, go to Little Russia, Vlad's restaurant, and ask Vlad if he knows where Shane is, but Vlad turns them away, even threatening to cut Ritchie's testicles off. Meanwhile, two Chinese men break into the motel room where Shane and Tia are at, but Shane kills them, and he and Tia escape. Outside Little Russia, Tia tells Shane that Kuan will be arriving before the day is out, and she's worried about what will happen to him. Inside, the bartender is not willing to tell Shane where Vlad and Sergey are, so Shane is forced to beat him up, and demand that he take him to Vlad. They arrive at Vlad's house, he is grateful that Shane saved Sergey's life and agrees to help Shane and Tia. Ritchie, Clark, and some Chinese men arrive at Vlad's house and a firefight takes place. After finishing off the last of Chen's men, Shane, Tia, Sergey, and Vlad leave to try to rescue Kuan from the Colonel.
At the abandoned mill, the Colonel has taken over the place, having his men plant bombs all over the site and kill all of Chen's men except for Chen. He's keeping Chen alive until Chen's men arrive with Kuan. When he finally arrives, the Colonel's men kill Kuan's two escorts. Gunfire erupts between the Colonel's men and Shane's group. In the midst of the gunfire Tia gets shot. Shane covers the wound, and tells Sergey to watch over her. Shane returns to fighting the Colonel's men, and Sergey lifts Tia up and starts carrying her to safety. Shane battles his way to the Colonel, who has Kuan as a hostage.
Shane and the Colonel open fire on each other, and they both run out of bullets. Shane brutally beats the Colonel up, and then gets Kuan out of there. The Colonel grabs a machine gun, and leaves the room. Just as the Colonel is about to shoot Shane, Shane flips the switch and the bombs start detonating, and the Colonel is blown off of the catwalk he was on.
Vlad later makes sure Kuan can stay in the USA, and Shane and Tia have a new home together somewhere outside the USA.

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