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Movie : The Inhabited Island
Release Date : December 18, 2008
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Vasiliy Stepanov,Yuliya Snigir,Pyotr Fyodorov,Aleksei Serebryakov,Fyodor Bondarchuk,Sergey Garmash,Gosha Kutsenko,Andrei Merzlikin,Mikhail Yevlanov,Anna Mikhalkova,Sergei Barkovsky,Aleksey Gorbunov,Maksim Sukhanov,Yuriy Tsurilo,Aleksandr Feklistov,Kirill Pirogov,Yevgeni Sidikhin,Sergei Mazayev,Leonid Gromov,Vasili Savinov,Vyacheslav Razbegayev,Dimash Akhimov,Ignat Akrachkov 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English (muxed : you can turn em off)
Trailer : Dervira Beautiful Girl 
Sinopsis  :
In the year 2157, the main character, Maxim Kammerer (Stepanov), is a space pilot of the Free Search Group. His spaceship is damaged and he crash lands on an unknown planet. The ship detonates just after Maxim crawls out of it. Maxim is discovered and made captive by Zef (Garmash), a native of the planet. Guy Gaal (Fyodorov), a corporal of the Guards, is assigned to escort him to the capital.
As they are making their way to the capital their military convoy is attacked by so-called "degenerates". The degenerates destroy a nearby tower, which is said to be part of a ballistic missile defense system. During the attack Maxim saves Guy from imminent death. Maxim learns that the name of the planet is Saraksh, and the country where he landed is governed by a militaristic dictatorship of the Unknown Fathers.
Maxim is in the process of being escorted to Strannik (Wanderer in Russian), a powerful figure in the government; but one of Strannik's men, Fank, suffers from a surge of epilepsy; Maxim is able to escape. He encounters Rada Gaal (Snigir), discovers she is the sister of Guy; Maxim falls in love with her. Maxim is attacked by unknown assailants while escorting Rada to her living quarters and demonstrates combat powers far beyond normal. Maxim stays in the city with Guy and Rada and becomes a candidate for service in the Guards. He learns about the ongoing war and tries to determine who exactly the enemy is and what they are fighting for. After Maxim refuses to execute a group of captured degenerates, he is shot by his superior and left to die.
Through accelerated healing, Maxim recovers and joins a group of degenerate fighters. During his time with the degenerates, Maxim learns the true nature of the towers erected across the country. Contrary to state propaganda, the towers actually function as mind control devices, sending a special kind of radiation that ensures the citizens' loyalty to the state. Once at 10 am and again at 10 pm, the majority of the country's population experiences a patriotic frenzy but the remainder suffers from intense pain and convulsions. It seems like the degenerates, as well as certain of the Unknown Fathers, are the minority which do not submit to the towers' radiation, though they suffer from excruciating pain at the time of radiation spikes.
After fighting alongside the degenerates in the attack on a tower, Maxim is again captured by the military and sentenced to a prison labor camp tasked with cleaning the wilderness of automated defense systems left abandoned by decades of war. When on mission, Maxim and two other prisoners, Zef and Veper, find an abandoned power transmission station in the woods. While exploring the underground facility, they encounter the golovans, a race of feral humanoid creatures who attack the prisoners. Maxim speculates that they may be sentient and highly intelligent.
Maxim comes to the conclusion the degenerates do not actually seek to dismantle the system of towers, but plan to overthrow the Unknown Fathers and use the mind control system for their own designs. Both the degenerates and the Fathers seek to recruit Maxim, since he is immune both to mind control and pain, but he decides that neither the degenerates nor the Fathers deserve his allegiance.
As they exit the station, Maxim manages to capture a mechanized tank which attacked the prisoners in the woods. He drives the tank to the border where he again encounters Guy who is serving at a border post. Maxim takes Guy with him and heads south to the neighbouring nations.

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