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The Fifth Execution

Movie : The Fifth Execution
Release Date : 1 January 2011 
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Rutger Hauer,Fedor Emelianenko,Pawel Delag,Bo-sung Kim,Aleksey Gorbunov,Valeriy Nikolaev,Valeriy Solovyov,Oleg Chernov,Brahim Achabbakhe,Russell Geoffrey Banks,Anna Geller,Geoffrey Giuliano,Yulia Gorshenina,Sunisa Jongsawat,Michael Madsen 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English (muxed : you can turn em off)
Trailer  Dervira Beautiful Girl 

Sinopsis :
An outbreak of an unknown virus infecting the livestock has occurred on a small island in South East Asia. A specialist from an international charity mission, Maria (Anna Geller), who has been following this outbreak, learns about a case of similar symptoms in humans and arrives to the remote village in the jungle, where the locals are hurriedly burning all the diseased animals. Maria is shocked with the results of her discovery. Suddenly a rather large group of deadly mercenaries, lead by Rick (Michael Madsen), invades this peaceful village brutally murdering anyone in sight. Maria manages to send to Russia the primary data on this virus; the virus which causes irreversible changes in human mind and brings about suicidal tendencies.
There is no news about Maria after that for several weeks. So an elite SWAT squad (Pawel Delag, Fedor Emelyanenko, Valeriy Nikolaev and Oleg Chernov) is sent to search for Maria, a Russian scientist who turns out to be the daughter of a quite substantial family in Russia.
An unexpected turn is that by the order form FSB General the squad also includes a number of civilians: a microbiologist, Vadim (Valeriy Soloviev), his assistant Julia (Julia Gorshenina), and a young computer wiz, Max (Alexander Lenin). What is the real aim of this mission and what does the tight-lipped Korean Special Services agent Jang Hyun Woo (Kim Bo Sung) added to the squad perhaps as a guide conceal? What is the real threat of this god forsaken island and what is the secret of the ultimate force behind Rick who has confidential connections with the dazzling and unbelievably rich pharmaceutical tycoon Mr. Hunt (Rutger Hauer)? The twists and turns of the detective plot and vivid action scenes give birth to a psychological story. Why is the life of every person as valuable as the lives of some millions? Why in certain circumstances somebody else’s life becomes more precious that your own? Finally, why our duty and the truth are above the laws and accepted rules?
They will have to untangle a web of plotting, overcome horror and pain and come close to revealing a frightful mystery. But there is no chance for them to go back, they have no choice left.

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