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Sinbad and The Minotaur

Movie : Sinbad and The Minotaur
Release Date 21 Mei 2011
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Manu Bennett ,Steven Grives ,Pacharo Mzembe ,Holly Brisley ,Jared Robinsen ,Terry Antionak ,Lily Brown ,Derek Boyer ,Hugh Parker ,Brad Mcmurry ,Lauren Horner ,Nick Pendragon ,Dimitri Baveas ,David Vallon ,Vivienne Albitia ,Sam Elia ,Anthony Thomas 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English
Trailer  Dervira Beautiful Girl 
Sinopsis  :
Sinbad, his black first mate Karim and beautiful slave girl Tara embark on a voyage to Crete in search of King Minos's treasure believed to be hidden within the fabled Labyrinth.[3] They are pursued by the evil Sorcerer Al Jibbar who bears a striking resemblance to Sokurah, the antagonist of the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.[4] Al Jibbar's cannibal henchman is seemingly immortal, capable of surviving grievous wounds and highly skilled in the ways of the Indian Jettis, strongmen capable of torturing and killing prisoners with their bare hands

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