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Dead set - Muerte en directo

Movie : Dead Set
Release Date : 27 October 2008
Genre : Box Office
Cast : Jaime Winstone,Andy Nyman,Riz Ahmed,Warren Brown,Liz May Brice,Beth Cordingly,Adam Deacon,Kevin Eldon,Kathleen McDermott,Davina McCall,Brian Belo,Paul 'Bubble' Ferguson,Chizzy Akudolu,Raj Ghatak,Cavan Clerkin,Krishnan Guru-Murthy,Madra Ihegborow,Kyle Summercorn,Maxi Moffat,Rachel Ogilvy,Helen Adams,Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace,Kinga Karolczak,Saskia Howard-Clarke,Makosi Musambasi, Eugene Sully,Ziggy Lichman,Imogen Thomas,Marcus Bentley,Shelley Conn,Jennifer Aries,Drew Edwards,Elyes Gabel,Kelly Wenham 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English (muxed : you can turn em off)
Trailer  Dervira Beautiful Girl 
Charlie Brooker might be my favorite person working in entertainment on both sides of the biz: commentator and content creator. His series, "Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe", is one of the most astute, insightful, hilarious and informative about television you'll come across, and its spin-off, "Newswipe", really lifts the lid off TV news). As a longtime zombie aficionado (as well as purveyor), I came to this with high expectations and was not disappointed. If anything, it overwhelmed me with how breathtakingly good it was.

Ballsier than most horror features, "Dead Set" is also richly satirical, brilliantly written and beautifully acted. Each character is fully realized and distinct, the performances across the board stellar, with lead Jaime Winstone tough, capable and winsome. Andy Nyman almost steals the show as Patrick, the profane producer. He channels Brooker's venomous wit and amps it up. Whereas Brooker as a TV personality can spew invective with charm and good humor (even when he seriously loathes something), Patrick radiates malignance. But because of Nyman's great gifts as an actor, he renders Patrick somehow magnetic. Even when he's doing some truly unspeakable acts, you cannot look away (though some more sensitive viewers might want to watch through interlaced fingers).

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