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Movie : The Recruit
Release Date : 31 Januari 2003
Genre : Box Office
Cast :  Al Pacino ,Colin Farrell ,Bridget Moynahan ,Gabriel Macht ,Kenneth Mitchell ,Ron Lea,Karl Pruner ,Mark Ellis 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : English (muxed : you can turn em off)
Posting : Dervira Beautiful Girl
Sinopsis  : James Clayton (Colin Farrell), a computer programming expert at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recruited senior CIA instructor Walter Burke (Al Pacino). Clayton willing, to search for information about her father that she suspected he was a CIA agent who disappeared when Clayton was a kid. After passing through a number of psychometric tests, psychoanalytical, aptitude and lies, Clayton was taken to The Farm, a CIA training facility. There, Burke and other instructors teach candidates the skills set of surveillance, covert operations protocols, and intelligence gathering techniques. During the monitoring exercise, Clayton and fellow recruit Layla Moore (Bridget Moynahan) who was kidnapped by people who appear from a foreign intelligence service. Clayton was taken to an isolation cell and tortured for several days and was forced to hand over the names of CIA instructor, but he refused to hand over the names of CIA instructors. When the interrogators gave evidence that his defiance contributes to suffering Layla, Clayton relented and the name of Burke. The rear wall of the cell and then open to reveal Burke, Layla, and other participants sitting in lecture theater at The Farm, after witnessing the entire event; kidnapping it became an exercise. Clayton dkeluarkan of this program, but Burke arrives at his hotel the next day to give meberitahu Clayton that his dismissal was false and she had been appointed to a non-official cover (NOC) operations. Burke gave Clayton to spy on Layla, claimed the CIA had evidence he was a mole for foreign intelligence services trying to steal top secret computer virus from CIA database. Clayton offered a job as a low-level processor data entry and the CIA became involved in a romantic, though dubious, relationship with Layla. He eventually uncovers evidence that he remove the virus piece-by-piece using a USB flash drive. Clayton monitor Layla when Layla gave him a flash drive to acquaintances and follow him through the train station. After a brief scuffle, Clayton kill him and find acquaintances is Zack (Gabriel Macht), a CIA agent who also was recruited at The Farm. When confronted with the evidence, Layla Clayton explained to her official sanction to test security protocols from CIA headquarters to try to get rid of fake virus, and Zack was a NOC agent. Clayton, Having been familiar with the computer program, is free and reported his suspicions to the first Burke congratulates Clayton on passing "final exam". Burke caught in a lie, however, when he tries to convince Clayton empty gun is loaded. Clayton fired a gun that proves that the gun was loaded but he fled when Burke wrest the gun from his grip. Burke then pursue Clayton passed an abandoned warehouse, and told him that he set up the whole event in order to sell the virus. Depressed because gunpoint, Clayton agreed to hand over the virus, only to reveal he had been broadcast Burke recognition of the laptop back to CIA headquarters. Burke became angry and chased Clayton out for the SWAT team to assemble. Unbeknownst Burke, Clayton radio broadcasting is not working, the CIA was there capturing Clayton and they do not know about the betrayal Burke. Believe he would get caught, Burke protested the unfair treatment of the CIA against him, which makes the agency to conclude that Burke was a traitor. Burke then realized he incriminate himself and drew his gun; later committed suicide. After that, Layla Clayton entertaining before she returned to CIA headquarters for an interview
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