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My Wife Is a Gangster 2

Movie : My Wife Is a Gangster 2
Release Date : September 5, 2003
Genre : Box Office Korea
Cast : Shin Eun-kyung,Park Jun-gyu,Jang Se-jin 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : korean
Trailer : Dervira Beautiful Girl
Sinopsis  : In the beginning of the movie the Scissor gang are fighting some unknown gang on the rooftop. The other gang starts to get the upper hand and are about to kill Robocop but he is saved by Eun-Jin, the Scissor gang's boss also known as 'Silverfish'. But however during the fight she falls from the top of the building. Due to a lucky break, the fall doesn't kill her, but it does cause her to suffer amnesia. Luckily for Eun-Jin, she's found by Yoon Jae-Choi (Park Joon-Gyu), the kindly owner of a small-scale Chinese restaurant. She worked as a delivery girl under the name of Tsu Tsu. She tries several times to regain her memory but fails in each attempt. During one of her deliveries, she happens to be at the bank which is being put under heist when one of the robber starts kicking a pregnant woman. Regaining a part of her memory about she getting kicked by Nuanman, she then beats up all three of the robbers and prevents the bank robbery. Meanwhile the White Shark from earlier movie along with his several henchmen has survived the fire and have returned to the neighborhood. He plans to demolish the buildings from the neighborhood of Jae-Choi's restaurant and build a big mall in there. But he happens to see Eun-Jin as she is being awarded for her bravery of preventing a bank robbery. He inquires about her and learns from a local hoodlum that she is working as a delivery girl. He asks the hoodlum to make an order so that they may get to know her. But when she appears with the delivery he immediately recognizes her as the 'Silverfish' and hires Jun Man, brother of Nuanman to kill her. Once, in a feud with Ji-hyun, Tsu Tsu fell from the roof and recovered her past memories with White Shark, who had recruited Jun Man to kill her. Jun Man became impotent when Jae-choi's motorbike accidentally hit him in the groin. Ji-hyun was later kidnapped by the White Shark gang and they call Jae-Choi and threaten him to sell his daughter to brothel if he doesn't tell them about Eun-Jin's whereabouts. When Eun-Jin hears of these events she goes to save Ji-Hyun but while she was being rescued by Eun-jin, Jae-choi gets stabbed in the stomach and killed. Eun-jin was saved by the 132-members of the scissors gang. Ji-hyun later joined Eun-jin's gang to fight against some Chinese illegal drug dealers.
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