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Dating On Earth (DISK Movie)

Movie : Dating On Earth (DISK Movie)
Release Date :  2009
Genre : Box Office Korea
Cast : Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong, U-know Yunho, Xiah Junsu, Max Changmin dan So Hyun Jin 
Quality : DVDRip
Subtitle : korean
Posting  Dervira Beautiful Girl 
Sinopsis  : Park Yoochun and Hong Soohyun is a husband and wife who married young. Yoochun themselves still existed as grade 3 high school students, but Yoochun is married and 21 years old. It turns out first when Yoochun was 19 years old and still sitting in the Grade 3 high school, he got into a fight in favor of the younger class, Shim Changmin. Yoochun hurt his opponent and that's what caused him expelled from school. New 2 years later Yoochun could go back to school. Soohyun is a teacher, was moved to a school teaching Yoochun. Yoochun strongly disagree if his wife taught in school, because it could jeopardize the status of those who are married. But Soohyun still insisted that her husband taught in school. They cover their marital status of the school and also friends Yoochun, such as teacher and pupil behaving at school. Not long after, came a new student named Kim Jaejoong, he is a trouble maker. Jaejoong is a figure of a man who has a hard life because her parents were dead, so he is working on a mafia. Jaejoong also rarely go to school. Principal who feel responsible for the future of Jaejoong, finally asked Soohyun to approach the boy Jaejoong and make changes. Soohyun trying his best to approach and understand the life of Jaejoong. Early Jaejoong refused all Soohyun close attention to it, but slowly but surely Jaejoong began to open his heart to Soohyun and he fell in love with his teacher. Then how to end this story? Will Yoochun and Soohyun managed to conceal their marital status? Is Soohyun managed merngubah Jaejoong life? And if Jaejoong managed to get the love of a married teacher?
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